Tom Hunt Mistaken for Jesse James Did Time Because Of It.

This may be the only known war dated photo of Hunt. Tom is wearing a heavy civilian frock coat, and underneath is a heavy shirt, accented by a very interesting tie. Although long hair was common among the Missouri Guerrillas, Tom always sported longish hair in all his known post war photos.  Written on the reverse of the paper lining the case is written Thomas Hunt Nov 1863, Liberty Mo.

The image descended through a northern Indiana family, whose previous generations had resided in Clay, Adair and Ray counties in Missouri.     

Tom was sentenced to three months in prison in Kentucky after being misidentified as Jesse James after the Mammoth Cave hold-up, as well as the Cave City Kentucky stagecoach robbery. Hunt's first trial was held on November 30th, 1880, he was bound over to the Barren County Grand Jury, which returned an indictment against him in April 1882.

His second trial began on March 31, 1882, he was found guilty and sentenced to three years in the penitentiary on March 31, 1882.  Jesse W James was killed on April 3, 1882, and the State of Kentucky issued Hunt a full pardon on May 1, 1882.

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