Henry B Clements, Lived in the Shadow of his Younger Brother Archie

While Archie gained notoriety as Bloody Bill Anderson’s second in command eventually rising to take over Anderson ’s position as captain of the company at Anderson ’s death little is known about his elder brother Henry. Whereas Archie Clements is described as a small man with blond hair and blue eyes, standing just over five feet tall, weighing about 130 pounds, there is no description given for his brother Henry. Henry B. Clements was born in Kentucky on December 22, 1822. His brother Archie was born in 1846.

Some accounts state that Henry was two years younger than Archie but until more time for research is allowed the cemetery records show the former date of birth for Henry as being accurate. Henry’s parents were originally from North Carolina before moving the family to Moniteau County , Missouri on January 1, 1846. The Clements then moved to Johnson County , Missouri in 1853 later moving to Cass County , Missouri living near Kingsville in 1861. Henry soldier’s uniform could be acquired equal in rank that the guerrilla was holding when operating in Quantrill’s command. Frist is an image of Henry, he is wearing a nine button frock coat which appears to be Confederate.                      

Not knowing how many skirmishes Henry B. Clements actually took part in, he was officially credited with fighting in the Lawrence raid, Baxter Springs, Fayette and Centralia. Some accounts also claim he served under Shelby. Henry died on May 22, 1900, he was 88 years old.

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