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There isn't a whole lot known of Joshua Holcomb Owings - mainly I feel because he died "early" in 1879 (November 26th) long before the press began covering the Quantrill Reunions in 1899 and the stories were being captured. He was an "old man" by Civil War terms being 40-41 in 1861 being born July 8th, 1820 in Warren County, Kentucky. He married Martha Elizabeth George July 21st, 1847 in Jackson County, MO -service performed by the Rev. Hiram Bowman (who incidentally did the service of 18 year old Gabriel George). Samuel Ralston (Frank James father-in-law) was a witness.
Joshua first married Mary Jane Peden September 7th, 1842. They had Andrew Peden Owings February 27th, 1844.  Quantrill member Francis Marion Webb names Andrew as a member.  Andrew as also with Shelby. Second child was Margaret born February 16th, 1846 - she died just over a month after birth on March 28th, 1846.  Mary Jane died February 22nd, 1846-six days after giving birth to Margaret. Martha Elizabeth George raised young Andrew Peden Owings as her own.  Andrew died about 1906 in Texas. He married Clementine "Clema" Victoria Roundtree in 1869. Joshua had 11 children by Martha.
Joshua H. Owings is on the July 1862 Quantrill roster found after the Battle of the Ravines (aka Sorency farm).  He's listed with family Ezra Moore (Francis Fitzhugh George's husband) and John Hicks "Hix" George.  The National Park Service Civil War soldiers database also has Joshua listed from this source.  I can only guess or surmise that Joshua was always with his family - meaning whether with Shelby or Quantrill he always rode with Hiram "Hi" James George, John Hicks "Hix" George, Ezra Moore and his son Andrew Peden Owings.  After Hix's hanging/torture the day before the Battle of Lone Jack - none of them would have ever been found to interrogate again.  And of course, being on the Quantrill roster was immediate sentence of death.  However, when they had Hix - they evidently had not put "two and two" together as for him being a Quantrill member. Here is a photo of Joshua H. Owings.                                                                                                                                                                        
Its all so very interesting, we just recently got David C. George's probate file petitioned in 1865.  As late as February 3rd, 1862, he was making and receiving loans - 19 days before Gabriel's death on the Independence Square.  Interesting also that David owed a substantial amount of money to Francis Marion Webb - was there a financial network support system for the Quantrill men?  Makes you wonder.
Joshua was a twin to Jonathan Holcomb Owings.  I have seen references to a Richard "Dick" and Preston Owings at the Battle of Lone Jack and again at the surrender at Shreveport - these are Joshua's nephews by older brother Jehial Holcomb Owings.  I think he was with Hays but again raises the question of another Owings with Quantrill.  I see now that someone has listed Joshua with Shanks - possibly Hays - I don't know the facts.  Joshua's older brother Lt. Preston Holcomb Owings enlisted with I believe pro-Union forces (although a bit hard to believe) October 16th, 1862 - 61st Regiment, Company H - Capt. Ritchie, Sturgeon, Missouri as did his youngest brother Ephraim Turner Owings.
We have some details of Joshua and Martha lives during the Civil War thanks to Francis "Frank" Fitzhugh George Moore Kabrick's recollections in the Oak Grove Banner.  Joshua returned to Oak Grove in June 1865 and lived in the only structure left standing - the smoke house.  I see now that Francis states the women returned to the Oak Grove area March 6th, 1866 but she may have meant 1865 (not sure).
In many ways, Jehial was as close to the George family as was Joshua.  Jehial was very active in the Oak Grove Primitive Baptist Church with David C. George, was one of his probate administrators and besides Hiram - bought most of the George land in 1865.  Jehial and son Richard "Dick" Owings were both Justice-of-the-peace from 1867-1880 - Richard for Sni-A-Bar.

Owings, Joshua Holcomb was Born on July 8, 1820 in Warren Co. Kentucky. Joshua Owings was the seventh/eighth child of fourteen born to Baptist preacher Rev. Richard Owings and Minerva "Winnie" Holcomb in Warren County, Kentucky. Married to Martha Elizabeth George and was a brother-in-law to Gabriel, Hiram, Nathan and John Hicks George of Oak Grove and distant relative of Ezra Moore.  While riding with Quantrill Union forces raided his home taking all money, property and stock they could find and burning all the structures.  Owings name appears on Quantrill’s July 6, 1862 company roster. On the following August 1, he enlisted in the regular Confederate army in Jackson County in the 2nd Missouri Cavalry under General Jo Shelby. After the war he returned to Jackson County and took up farming. He died on November 26, 1879 and is buried in the George Family Cemetery in Jackson County. Joshua was a twin to his brother Jonathan. Joshua was first married to Mary Jane Peden on September 7th, 1842. She gave Joshua two children: Andrew Peden and Margaret. Margaret lived about eight weeks after birth, Mary Jane died of child birth complications one month after giving birth.  Nothing is known of her burial place. Joshua married Martha Elizabeth George July 21, 1847 - Samuel Ralston (Frank James father-in-law) witnessed the marriage. Martha raised Andrew as her own. Andrew was also with Shelby.

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