Confederate Dr. Caleb Winfrey-Lead a Charge on his Own Home & Drugstore.

Caleb Winfrey was born in Surrey County, North Carolina on December 8, 1823. He moved to Lone Jack Missouri in 1842, where he studied medicine. In March 1847 he enrolled at the University of St Louis. After graduating as a physician he returned to lone Jack where he practiced medicine while owing a general store and a hotel. In1861 he joined the Missouri State Guard where he served as a surgeon in King Battalion, and he fought at the battles of Wilson Creek and Lexington. In the early summer of 1862 Caleb enlisted as a private in Company C, 2nd Missouri Cavalry, and he was soon elected as Captain. Winfrey fought at the battle of Lone Jack August 16, 1862. He received a battlefield promotion as surgeon in Upton Hay's regiment. At one point in the battle he led a charge on his own home and drugstore, routing the Yankees. He served as surgeon until after the second battle of Springfield. On January 3, 1863 he was transferred to a hospital in Springfield to care for wounded Confederates, where he was captured. In the Spring he was exchanged at City point Virginia and he rejoined the Missouri troops in Mississippi. He fought at the battle of Vicksburg but was again captured, and later paroled at Demopolis Alabama in the autumn. He then served the reminder of the war as Chief Surgeon in Shelby's Cavalry Brigade. After the War he returned to Jackson county Missouri where he practiced medicine. He died at age 92 on January 30, 1915 in Kansas City, and he is buried in the Pleasant Hill cemetery.  Patrick R. Marquis© Quantrillsguerrillas.com. "Permission should be requested and agreed to before using this copyrighted essay.

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