Lawrence Raid 08/21/63 Roster of of the Victims of the Lawrence Raid Published on the 147th Anniversary.

Lawrence citizens have always emphatically insisted that the only victims during the Lawrence raid were "peaceable, unarmed citizens."

History proves them wrong.                                                                         

Lawrence citizen Richard Cordley wrote, “It was not the shooting of a few obnoxious persons.  The killing was indiscriminate and mostly in cold blood, the victims being quiet, peaceable citizens. None of them, as far as I know, had taken any part in the early disturbances, and none of them were connected with the border troubles during the war. I do not now recall a single military man among the killed….The guerrillas shot the men they found, without knowing who they were or caring what they were.”  

The actual truth about the raid can be found in reviewing the historical record. After he gathered his men for the Lawrence raid Quantrill supplied his men with maps with each targeted house marked for destruction and “Death Lists” of individuals to be killed. The names and places shown came as no surprise. In its entirety it showed the enormity of the opposition and the level of the Kansan’s participation in waging war against her neighboring state. The foremost movers against the institutions in Missouri were those from the east that had come to Kansas in military styled companies associated with the New England Emigrant Aid Society. The remainder of the names were radical abolitionists, operators on the Underground Railroad, who had enticed or stolen slaves from Missouri, newspapermen who were guilty of fomenting unrest and calling for invasion and plunder in Missouri and assassination of Missouri slave owners, and naturally any military men either in the Federal army or Kansas militia.  

Robert S. Stevens who took an unofficial accounting of the dead and wounded after the raid recorded 133 names of those killed in Lawrence also listing wounded including both white and Negro casualties. General Thomas Ewing’s Official Report on the sack of Lawrence recorded almost the exact number of casualties listing 140 dead, including 14 from the 14th Kansas Cavalry and 20 from the 2nd Kansas Colored Infantry Regiment with 24 wounded. Captain Henry E. Palmer stated 145 lives lost in his account of “The Lawrence Raid, Running Fight with the Guerrillas,”Lawrence citizen Richard Cordley listed in his account “Pioneer Days in Kansas” 150 dead and 30 wounded. Cordley recounted that “one hundred and twenty-two were deposited in the cemetery, and many others in their own yards.”                                                                                                                                

Below you will find the names of the victims of the Lawrence raid compiled from several sources and thus there is a larger number listed than from each individual account. A large majority are in the military. Since the Kansas provost-marshal's files were destroyed in the fire that engulfed the building that held its records we can naturally assume from the accounts emulating from Lawrence that the remainder of the names were in the town's militia organization.


Name:                                  Rank:                     Unit:

Anderson, Charles A.         Private                  12th Kansas


Albach, J. George


Albrecht, George


Allen Charles R.                  Private                  14th Kansas


Allen, Clay                                                          Colored Regt.


Allen, Elmore                                                     9th Kansas


Alwes, George


Anderson, John                  Private                  11th Kansas


Argel, James




Bent, George


Bowers, Samuel/aka Bower Private                   14th Kansas


Brant, R.                                     Chaplain              2nd Kansas


Brechtlesbauer, James


Brechtlesbauer, Joseph


Brown, ?


Burt, George


Burns, Dennis aka Burnes


Burns, Michael


Carpenter, Louis                                               Kansas Militia


Coates, George W. aka Coates


Collamore, George Washington   General      Kansas Militia


Clona, Charles


Cloud, Charles                      Colonel       2nd Kansas Colored


Cooper, James F.                Private        9th Kansas


Coleman, L. Dwight


Cornell, John A.


Cornell, P.                                                 Colored Regiment


Crane, John Lewis                                   Kansas Militia


Dagle, John


Dix, Ralph C.


Dix, Stephen H.


Dulinsky, Sylvester


Dulinsky, William


Dyre, Frank


Early, George,/aka Earle   Captain         9th Kansas


Eckman, Carl


Edwards, John                   Private           7th Kansas


Ehles,  August, aka Ehlis, Ellis, Ethels.


Eldridge, James


Ellis, Frank,                                               Colored Regiment


Engler, John


Englesman, Phillip


Engler, Carl


Englesman, ?


Evans, John Z                     Private          5th Kansas


 Fillmore, Lemuel


Finley, James B.


Finley, Joseph


Fitch, Edward, P.                              Kansas Militia


Frawley, John aka Fromley


Frank, Joseph


Fritch, S. H.


Gates, Levi                                       Kansas Militia


Gentry, first or last name?


Gerrard, George


Giebal, Anthony aka Girbal


Giffler, A. aka Gufler


Gill, John B. aka Gille                       Private  9th Kansas




Green, John R.                                  Private  14th Kansas


Griswold, Jerome F.


Griswold, Abner W


Griswold, Walter B. S.                    Private       14th Kansas


Halderman, Aaron                          Private       14th Kansas


Hanson, ?


Hendrix, ?


Henry, Charles                                           Colored Regiment                                                                                                                                    


Hay, Chester D.


Hoge, Calvin


Holmes, Nathan


Holt, George                                                  Kansas Militia


Johnson, Maxwell             Private               6th Kansas


Johnson, Benjamin                                       11th Kansas


Jones, Samuel                  Private                12th Kansas


Keefe, Patrick aka Keith


Klares, William


Klaus, William


Klaus, Frederick


Kleffer, W. M. R. aka Kliffler


Laner, Christian aka Leener


Laurie, John W. aka Lawrie             Private   Kansas Militia


Laurie, William Jr. aka Lawrie        Private   Kansas Militia


Leonard, Christopher


Lambert, Harwick


Lambert, O. O.


Little, John                                         Private   9th Kansas


Limboch, Henry aka Limbach


Laner,  Christian


Longley, Otis


Loomis, Richard


Rensellor  ?                                      Private     2nd Kansas


Lowe, Joseph G.                              Captain    Kansas Militia


McFarland,    ?                                                  Kansas Militia


McClellan, Amos                              Private    Kansas Militia


McClelland, Daniel                           Private    Kansas Militia


McFadden, Jacob                             Sergeant Kansas Militia


Mackin, Michael aka McClaine


Markle, David                                  Private    14th Kansas


Markle, Lewis Cass                         Private    14th Kansas


Markle, Samuel                               Private    14th Kansas


Martha, Thomas aka Murtha


Martin, Michael                   Sergeant             5th Kansas


Martin, Robert                                                 Kansas Militia


Murphy, Dennis                                               16th Kansas


Murphy, James                   Private                  6th Kansas


Murphy, Thomas                Private                  15th Kansas


Makin, Michael


Martha, ?


Meeky, Michael aka McKee


Meeky, R. aka McKee


Nathan, W.Nichols, ?


Oldham, Anthony                                  Colored Regiment


Oehrle, George


O’Neil, James                                   Corporal 2nd Kansas


Page, George


Palmer, Charles A.


Palmer, Daniel W.


Parker, Asbury aka Ashbury         Private  14th Kansas


Parker, Isaac J.                                Private  14th Kansas


Perine, James aka Perrine


Pope, George


Pollock, Jacob aka Pollok                Private


Purington, David H. aka David N.


Range, George


Range, Samuel


Roach, ?


Roach, James


Reed, Peter Sr.


Reedmiller, A.


Reel, Samuel Jeremiah

Riggs, Charles F.                      Private            14th Kansas


S. C. ?


Sargeant, George H.                                        Kansas Militia


Sanger, George N.                                            Kansas Militia


Sanger, George H.


Schmidt, Charles                      Corporal           11th Kansas


Schwab, John


Speer, John M. Jr.


Speer, Robert                           Private           14th Kansas 


Snyder, Samuel S.                   Lieutenant       2nd Kansas


Stewart, Henry                        Sergeant          2nd Kansas


Smith, Charles                          2nd Lt               1st Kansas


Stewart, Henry                         Sergeant   2nd Kansas


Stonestreet, Benjamin                                Colored Regiment


Stone, Joseph                      Private             2nd Kansas


Stone, Nathan


Swan, Louis L. aka Louis H.


Thorpe, Josiah C.


Thorp, Simeon M.


Trask, Josiah C.               Major                    Kansas Miltia                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Tritch, E. P.


Turk, David


Watson, James E.


Watson, John                     Private               14th Kansas


Waugh, Addison                 Private                  9th Kansas


Waugh, William A.             Private                 14th Kansas


West, ?


White, ?


Williams, William               Private                    7th Kansas


Wise, Louis                          Private                    8th Kansas


Williamson, William T        Private                    9th Kansas


Wilson, James                     Private                   14th Kansas


Wilson, John


Woods, Andrew J.              Private                   14th Kansas


Wood, James                       Private                    7th Kansas


Zimmerman, John K.         Private            1st Kansas                                                                                                                                     


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