Frequently Asked Questions!

Frequently Asked Questions!

Here is a list of Frequently Asked Questions, this list will be updated as warranted, Thanks


(Q). Why did you change the website?
(A). Because technology has evolved the previous site was was not able to be ungraded to include the features we wanted to offer

(Q). I was a member on the old site, how come I cant log on now?
(A). The two sites are not compatible we attempted to contact any member who had logged in since 2010. If you were a previous
      member in good standing and want to join again, use the contact form provided. However please be aware the membership requirements
      have changed.

(Q). How can I join?
(A). Effective immediately quantrillsquerrillas.com is only accepting new members who are referred by a current member in good standing.

We have made most of our website available to the public, so all non-members are encouraged to visit our often as you like, thanks for  your patronage. If you were a previous member in good standing we somehow missed, then please utilize the contact form provided under the main menu item CONTACT-US, well be happy to see what we can do.

(Q). Why are all the images on the website watermarked, since they are over 100 years old isn't any copyright protection already expired?
(A). Copyright protection starts when an image is published, some of our images have never been published before. The bottom line is we  dont want anyone copying our images, we have taken various steps to try to prevent it, watermarking is the most obvious.  All original period images are valuable, some are unique, many published for the first time. Many of the owners/members want total control of thier property including if and when it is published.  It's a Southren rights thing.

(Q). Will the music and videos play at the same time?
(A). Yes they so that is exactly why you wouldn't want to do it, both will play, it will be loud and ugly. You can pause one or close the window  which will stop the selection in that window.

 (Q). Can the public add content or make comments?
 (A). No, we are not offering those features to non-members. Members can blog, submit written information and/or suggest multimedia 
 control over what is displayed on our website. Our members know all contributions are proudly displayed. 

 (Q). Why are most the images, artifacts, songs, article, reviews and biographies about Confederates?   
 (A). We are a pro-Confederate website our goal is to present the stories history books don't tell you because they were written by the Yankees.

As one of the worst defiler of human rights during the conflict William T Sherman gleefully exclaimed "History is written by the Victors!" Giving the devil his due the, the blue-coats have done a wonderful job ensuring that their propaganda is blindly accepted as Gospel, our goal to the help level the playing field.

If you want the same old song then go to another website or get a copy of the WHO's CD "Who Are You?"As Foghorn-Leghorn would say "That's a joke, Son."

What isn't a laughing matter is our dedication to our stated mission of cooperation, support and co-promotion of other organizations with similar goals.

(Q). Do you have material which is not associated with the Missouri Kansas border war displayed?

(A). Most of our presentations are related to Missouri Kansas and our ratio will always be heavily slanted in that direction. But we do have   presentations about other Confederate hero's already published.

We respect, admire everyone who fought or served their country in the war for Southern Independence, while vowing to preserve and honor their memories.

Eventually you will find them all on our site; President Jefferson Finis Davis, Generals Robert E Lee, Nathan Bedford Forrest, John Bell Hood, Patrick Ronayne Cleburne,  Colonel John Singleton Mosby.... I think you get the picture.

(Q). How often do you add content?
(A). Website Management is committed to adding new feature items at least once a month. Based on past performance we far exceed that goal, we have a lot of content that is ready to be added.

(Q). I'm a member and lost my password and/or cant remember my user name, what now?
(A). Go to the USER LOG-IN Menu on the right hand side near the middle of the website, click on the correct link such as LOST PASSWORD and follow the instructions.

(Q). Since I'm not a member how will I know when you add new content?
(A). The same way any member finds out, by visiting the site. We choose not to send out e-mail every time we add something new, with the amount of content we add, that could get real old real quick.

(Q). Sometimes the image rotation on the front page stops, why?
(A). That is the way it is designed in the setting selected. As soon as you move toggle bar on the right the images will rotate again.

(Q). There are only three songs displayed in the window but your list has 23,
(A). If you look closely at the top of the window it will show the song that is playing. I spoke with  company with produced that module, they state this is how it is designed. NOTE: This is why we also a song play-list under MISSOURI MINUTEMEN MUSIC. 

(A). How come the images in the gallery are not identified?
(Q). Working on this will be done soon, thanks!

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