James Shaw Millikin Former Quantrill Guerrilla, United Confederate Veterans Brigadier General

"The Civil War was the single most divisive event in our nation's long history. No other war, political event, or national crisis has ever approached the levels of animosity and hatred that the Civil War caused. Brother fought against brother. Fathers against sons. Families were forever split over the idealism of the War. They were not alone. Major national organizations, notably the Baptist Churches, also broke up over the issues of slavery and State's Rights. The War seemed to destroy the bonds of any organization it touched. All the organizations, that is, except one: Freemasonry. While the War raged around them, Freemasons held on to the ties and the idealism that brought them together in the first place." (1)

Numerous members of Quantrill's band joined the  Masonic order. Among them was James Shaw Millikin, whom in 1926 claimed to be one of last two surviving members of Quantrill's band.James was born on January 18, 1849 at Floyd in West Carroll parish, Louisiana. He passed way on September 11, 1928 at his home in Millikin Louisiana, in East Caroll parish.

When asked how he joined Quantrill's band, Millikin stated: "He joined four or five different Confederate companies. But they just used him as bait to enlist older boys, for he was not quite thirteen when the fighting broke out. When they started to the front, he got the can. He soon grew tried of being used, so he ran away and got into one of Quantrell's companies commanded by Captain Joe Lee. "

After the conflict he married and fathered six children, only two of which survived him. He was appointed brigadier general in the United Confederate Veterans, a position he held until his death. In 1920 he was a delegate to the republic national convention, and in 1924 he was the Republican candidate for Governorship of Louisiana. He was reputed to be the wealthiest man in east Carroll parish. His 10,000 acre plantation of the "richest" farm land was located near the Arkansas border.

Enjoy three views of various symbols which are "hidden" inside Masonic watch fob, it's also engraved with his name the place and the date 06/19/13.  Patrick R. Marquis© Quantrillsguerrillas.com. "Permission should be requested and agreed to before using this copyrighted essay and or image."  (1). California Freemasonry On Line.                            

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